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Or is a brilliant work of art looking into the desire of sexuality and connectedness to sexual awakening? My initial reaction was to rate this 2-stars for its stereotypical story about NOTE: This was given to me via Amazon Vine.I posted my review there first, then reprinted it here.

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He does need some better, fresher ideas, and some tough editorial feedback to steer him away from the cliches he runs head-first into this time.Supporting perfs veer toward the stereotypical or at the very least smack of the bawdy and politically incorrect humor like that of “Will & Grace’s” Karen, although not as well executed. Executive producers, Adam Chase, Warren Littlefield, Mark Burg, Oren Koules; co-executive producers, Andrew Secunda, Maggie Bandur; producers, Laurie Parres, Mark H. Crew: Camera, Mikal Neiers, editor, Robert Bramwell; sound, Tom Huth, John Bickelhaupt, casting, Susan Vash. The modern dating scene is a veritable gold mine of material, and one has to hope Secunda taps into fresher stuff if he wants to attract the fickle eye of the TV viewer. As Denise, Philipps creates a nice blend of daffiness and neurosis for the character — a seemingly better choice than Shannen Doherty, who was originally considered for the role. Production: Filmed in Los Angeles by Chase TV, the Littlefield Co.Robinson Peete is a good “straight man” to Denise, delivering the laughs without the physical muggings, and the two share a nice rapport. and Berg/Koules Television in association with Paramount Network Television.But you know, as I finished it, somehow the book endeared itself to me.

Sure, Jamie - I mean, Daniel - is a loser, but there's a great scene where Charlie calls out his dorky friend - if you like art so much, why do you say so many hateful things about art school? I have never been to art school, nor have I been expose to this eclectic assortment of walking cliches in college, mostly because I went to engineering schools, and engineers don't tend to be barefoot with dreadlocks nor militant vegans.

Daniel Stope is a small-town guy with dreams of becoming an artist.

His enrollment at art school and subsequent move to the city opens up a world of possibilities.

To get herself back into the dating world, she enlists the help of friend and co-worker Denise (Busy Philipps), a bubbly single gal who excels at counseling others in the art of wooing while her own love life remains a shambles.

Denise is a pro at dating — it’s the relationship part that gives her trouble.

He has worked on commissions for Foyles, illustrated political cartoons for the Gateway, and is the author of the short comic House of Freaks. My views were in no way influenced because I got this free.