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Bryanka ukraine dating

)) If to talk seriously here in my region is very difficult to find job due to the war, that is why many people dont want to come back here.I feel positive with my position, i can pay bills and buy food myself.

They are socalled "Advance Fee Fraud" letters, where I will be asked to send money again and again.Our romantic love is the last thing what i dream about before i fall asleep. My sweetheart man , i am in loss now(( i am in big trouble(( can you imagine what war is doing here((( Russian government provided sanctions around my region with internet connection(( Next week i will be not able to use internet at my work place, because my supervisor will check sites, visits and connections, IT administrator will block private e-mailing and e-mails about work will be check every day( it means that i will not allow to send private e-mails and we will lose our contact and my family will not receive mails from me(((( i dont want it, i am squared about it and i cry because i dont know what to do at this moment((( the black strip came into my life. Hello to you my lovely man I miss you so much, I want you, I wish to be together with you and make all our dreams reality.My colleague advised me to go to Internet Cafe and write from there, but it costs so much money for me(( Internet cafe owner asks $5 per hour on-line or 100$ per month free visiting, but its so much money for me, i cant earn this amount to pay everything - house and food and now also internet(( what should i do?? i need to tell you that i miss you very much, i need you like air to breathe(( you changed my life and i cant imagine it without you( i understand that you have your own problems and i add you more of mine as well(( i still hope you will help me, sugar. before i go to sleep i dream about us, how sweet it would be if we were together. My love, i have problems with internet payment, decide please, because i can pay it anymore, so sorry, i tried to stay in touch with you and did not want to lose you at all, but at the moment everything depend on you.So if you are alone and disappear in the loneliness, as I am now, no doubts, write to me and we will try to do something with our loneliness and boredom) Let's make sense in the morning awakening! can you tell me about yourself more and about your usual life days?what interests, hobbies do you have for spare time?Since we met i think of you and it helps to hold on) At this moment i will finish my letter. ) for me it feels like i know you all my life already, maybe its because we understand each other so easy, where have you been before all this long time before?

) Thank you for invitation, i would like to join you and spend great time together, at the moment my financial situation is taught and i cant pay trip myself unfortunately.

I attached for you passport copy and i give you again my details in case you forget it or lost - Full name from passport is IRINA DROZDOVA Full address is KOTOVSKOGO STREET HOUSE 24 city BRYANKA, LUGANSK REGION zip code - 94100 country - UKRAINE Anyway always take care about yourself and be safe.

Below are some examples of introduction letters sent by Russian scammers. Received: from (HELO net) ( From: "lovegirl1979" Hello my new friend (I hope:)) xxxx. But they did a lousy job, and 138.237.dialup.still shows up! So I am in your house and I think it is time to introduce myself... I was born on November, 12th in 1968, so now I am 37. Today would ask the manager the Internet of cafe that he helped to me to understand with mail. I know that during the difficult moments of a life the God helps to me, I am confident in this! Well, I wrote in my profile that I am in New York only because I am coming there soon. You know the United States attracts many Russians and I know there is a big Russian communities in New York, NYC, San Francisco. She has concerned to it with interest, with curiosity. It is a little about me: My name Ekaterina Dolgopolova. I want you know a lot of things about me and want to know more about you. My intention is pure and hope the same from your side. I work as the seller of children's clothes and toys. But I hope, that on my vital way there will be a loving and careful person. Besides work I have a hobby - I very much like to dance, under good music. I would be very much Pleased to receive your letter, I expect to receive it soon. I think, that for the beginning I to you to tell a little about myself. I to ask her that she to register me on any site of acquaintances. I to be the dark blonde with growth of 170 centimeters and weight 51 kgs. Last film which I to see at a cinema it to be Russian film and its name of " 9 mouths. Like I also have told to you a little about myself. From all directions of music to me most of all to like to listen to dancing music or sincere. Because the nature of me to weaken and remove weariness from work. I want to find to myself the partner, and second half in my lifes. I hope, that with the help of the correspondence I find second half. I want to tell to you about myself and about That where I live. To me of 28 years and I work as the doctor in ours To hospital. My father works as the engineer on one From the enterprises of the heavy industry of our city. I have not wanted to be neither the teacher nor the engineer and consequently when I have left school began to study in medical university and now I work The doctor. It is very interesting to me to find out about To you and about your way of life. I I shall tell to you more about myself in the following letters. Very much it would be desirable to think, that "IS NOT PRESENT"! But after ending university I have decided to continue the training both learn foreign languages and acted in " linguistic institute ", there I and learn the English language. I worked with children invalids, I helped them to find confidence of and to be sociable with other people, and also tried to learn to be pleased them with a life, and at me it seems it turned out))))))))).

I was born and live in the small city Bryanka at Lugansk region, at the East of Ukraine.

This is coalpit's city, here is not really good environmental situation and population of it small as well.

Tell me how are you out there far away from me, but so close to my heart already? At this moment i have so much pleasure to write you back and I need to say that you attached me to your thoughts, dreams, expressions. When i wake up in the morning the first i think about its you, how great it would be if we wake up together and drink coffee and look eyes to eyes. Remember always that our lives already changed and i miss you and dont want to loose you!