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Definition of Friendship : For the Six – Word Story Challenge. A unique, unbreakable bond of friendship to last forever. Silver Bullet : Vermouth thinks back to that rainy day in New York, to a time when carrying out the Boss' orders and moving up the ladder had been all she'd thought of. A time when she was not under the protection of an Angel's wings.Home Is Where The Heart Is : Somehow, as the years passed by, he had come to regard his colleagues as his family. A time where 'Mercy' did not exist…And she had been proven wrong.

Back to the Future : There are time travel stories and then there are time travel stories. Suddenly, their lives have been turned upside down. Wisdom, Wisecracks and Joy : None of those girls ever stuck. They drag me down to their level, and then beat me with experience."--Hiei, commenting on Yusuke to Kurama, from "... " he cried happily, flipping upright and grinning at the girl. She took one looked at the crazed gleam in his eyes and the too bright smile and decided she wanted none of it.I assure you, the day my aunt leaves town there would be a new batch of Longevity Draught brewed by nightfall.”Cocking his head to the side, Harry stared at Snape puzzled. “That would have been a more effective threat had you paid attention long enough in my class to discover that the main ingredient in Longevity Draught is ground puppy-dog spleen.”An excerpt from “Alright, so you basically shocked them to death, nearly killed them all, banished their King, disturbed all their pretty little ideas and to sum up turned their world upside down.”“Basically.”“Excellent! "An excerpt from Bilbo catches him by the chin and turns Thorin’s face to his.He is frowning and is sitting with one hand braced on his knee.It wasn't just to pose a challenge to each other on the court or to prove themselves to be the best among them – it was a game on the realistic board of life, it was a promise, it was a decision that would affect them forever. Unable to recognise the Night Baron and Edogawa Fumiyo's true identity in his disoriented state, Conan escapes. The Never Ending Tale : Ever heard of the never ending tale? A story that keeps changing its plot, keeps moving onward with no fixed end in sight – a flowing fable that never stops…Care to be a part of this mystical world?Now with no Detective Agency to bring in cases, his only way to fight the Black Organisation is to make new allies, in whatever form they come – be it the Detective Boys or teenage magician, Kuroba Kaito. All you need is a creative mind, enthusiasm and passion to write! A Set Of Unbelievable Interviews : Everyone's favourite (and money minting) interviewee, Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, turns out to be very uncooperative and directs a poor, unfortunate reporter to his fellow wizards – namely, Voldemort – to answer Miss Sarah L.'s romantically inclined questions.One had been found in the dungeons with the number four painted on its side.

Another was found in Hagrid's garden, happily chewing on his cabbages, with the number one.

The golden trio - now quartet - yet again have a hair raising mystery on their hands. But this one doesn't leave many clues, doesn't make any noise. Will the CID team be able to catch the criminal before its vengence gets completed?

Abhijeet - The Case of the Stolen Dynamite : After suffering from memory loss, this was the first case that Sr Insp Abhijeet had solved.

“You do realize I’m more than a decade your junior, right?

”“Yes.”“And was orphaned at a very young age, performed human transmutation, spent most of my youth running around searching for a way to reverse its effects, never really had time to delve into the arcana of social norms and niceties.”“Yes.”“And have no experience with the happy state you hope to enter into eventually, nor its attendant familial obligations.

Kindly Cruel : Kuroba Kaito wonders why it never bothers Kudo Shinichi that he used to be Kaitou Kid – a criminal. For all the times the Heisei Holmes exposes the criminals' deeds in front of large audiences, in a humiliating manner, none of them ever retaliate.