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Dating website for fibromyalgia

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Marriage counseling unveiled my husband’s unspoken desire that I be the same go-getter, fun-loving, athletic, party person I was when we met.My inability to be that person and his inability to make the changes to our lifestyle that I needed to survive were the factors that ended our marriage.

While we had a nice time together, I realized that I no longer wanted to spend time with people whose sense of self-worth came from accomplishment versus just being.I keep phone calls to a minimum since I find myself having to raise my energy to interact on the phone. Recently I ran into an old high-energy friend from my pre-fibromyalgia life, and we decided to meet for lunch.At the beginning of our time together she shared with me that she is no longer running her corporation due to some health issues of her own.My profile on a dating website shares that I have an invisible disability that limits my physical activities so that I can't participate in as many outdoor activities as I would like to.That way guys who are really into outdoor activities don't contact me and it's easier for me to explain about my fibro to the person I meet for a date later on.This was a major “aha” moment for me to see how far I have come from being goal-driven to just being me.

Amie Young was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2000.

I could not be around bright lights, noisy parties or with anyone who was consuming alcohol or tobacco.

As my world became smaller and quieter, many of my relationships slowly ended.

Over time it became clear that it was better to be upfront in the beginning of a new relationship about my limitations, so that any new friend could determine whether or not they can handle me cancelling a date on short notice due to fatigue, a migraine, or a pain episode.

I tended to drive my own car to events/dates so that I could leave if I start feeling overwhelmed or needed to rest.

For me, that was a process of becoming comfortable with discussing my experience with the illness.