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vid=sm5742260) Hero TV's 100 Anime Singles Sales of 2009 Pt. I'm doing this for those who share my new passion for great songs accompanying Japanese animation, a forum to watch, listen and probably sing along to the songs we love. v=6kv3m MK7EP8) by Aya Hirano - Suzumiya Haruhi insert song. I don't have any problem like that (I'm on Opera), but it does annoys very much every time I enter a thread and there are tons of youtube screens up with no spoiler tag or anything. v=s70rm52u HHs) (Fiction Junction YUUKA) Digimon JP OP - Butter-Fly ( A you might guess this is more of a vanity project for me since I'm fairly new in anime music appreciation sparked by the recent anime songs boom in Japan thanks to the Haruhi, Gundam and Macross anime singles. But then after rebooting firefox it works again right until I enter this topic again o.o; Must be some bug in the forums with janfive's embedded players. v=Wh Uf4Bc OHc I) (Maaya Sakamoto) MADLAX IN - Nowhere (

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Hopefully, when I'm done posting a thousand songs (probably a couple of years from now), I'll post a ranked list of the greatest anime songs based on your recommendations and other lists and polls. Mazinger Z is definitely one of the greatest songs ever, when I heard Aniki sing it live, I could feel the mecha spirit in his powerful voice. v=ld Ru Ty K0Wy Y) (Koji Wada) Laputa Theme Song - Carrying You ( v=pt2vy Ar5s3g) (Mikuni Shimokawa) Bokurano OP - Uninstall (The result would be what you call the Anime Songs Hall of Fame, basically the cream of the crop in anime songs. Also after reading Zaseka's recommendations, I am also at a quandary whether to include songs which were already famous when the anime aired.Of course, not any anime song will do, that's why I'm looking at anime sites polls and awards for basis and not merely my own personal taste. CRITERIA: As suggested by Varaxis, I'm listing the standards of what songs may be considered in the Hall of Fame. Duran Duran's "Girls on Film" was a hit in 1983 and used in the Speed Grapher in 2005.- I usually visit to find out the song's rating, especially if it is relatively new. At this point, I'd be more than willing to help run it if there is sufficient interest in such a project.Though not a dealbreaker, a rating of 8.500 or higher will impress. So if this sounds enticing, let me know and maybe we can work some sort of system to run this event.My main source of such information is at & wikipedia. FMA and Bleach come to mind with a bunch of theirs. Well, this thread certainly seems to have garnered quite a bit of interest.

- I visit the other threads in Anime Suki Forum for songs to consider, particularly the "Favourite Opening/Ending" thread. I'm wondering if people are interested in running a sort of "Song of the Week" event as a way to get people hooked on anime music.

From there, I will post a Top 1000 Anime Songs of All Time list. I'm wondering if people are interested in running a sort of "Song of the Week" event as a way to get people hooked on anime music.

I'm compiling and ranking the songs offline as the list grows. At this point, I'd be more than willing to help run it if there is sufficient interest in such a project.

v=mxj7oy Ibv Oc) 1,000 Best Selling Anime/Sentai/Game Singles of the Decade (2000-2010) [It excludes tie-up artists for an anime, I don't know what that means but it in effect excludes hits from FMA, Naruto, Detective Conan, Bleach and others]: 1000-951 ( It goes to show how classic and timeless these songs are. v=rj BK4_s DNTw)/I] by Flow - Code Geass R2 second opening. v=hqc UD2e NOz A) by Thyme - Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~ opening. That's all I can think at the moment without going through all my albums looking for specific songs which I don't really remember the names but know they are there.

v=Szm0n Zf Bw Ls) 9) Triangular by Maaya Sakamoto - opening 1 of Macross Frontier 2008 r HXC_r E6Vac PV version ( actually I have a list of songs beforehand that I will post on Saturday or Sunday and the amazing thing is that I have at least one song from your recommendations (Lum no Love, Ai wo Torimodose, Sori Ga Ai Deshou, Yakusoku wa Iranai and Tonari no Totoro) included for week 2. v=v Th YGCOh6c U) by Zard - Dragon Ball GT second ending.

v=KAcfl2grrw4) 2) My Friend by Zard - ending 4 of Slam Dunk 1993 tt Ul AUa Jk Io PV version (