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The policy staff expressed concerns that if the position of the volunteer fire service was to have the same status as career firefighters, the bill should be narrowly tailored to mirror the coverage provided to career firefighters.

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Posted here are the 2018 Issues of United Concern which were negotiated by the members of the New York State Fire Service Alliance Members.These two issues resulted in the bill to be more narrowly tailored to mirror the career firefighter provisions and to meet the likely health issues associated with cancer and firefighting. Does the bill cover me through my entire volunteer service or just when I serve as an interior firefighter? As long as you meet the requirements of the bill as of the effective date, January 1, 2019, you are covered under this bill as long as you remain in the volunteer service.Once you disengage from the volunteer service, the coverage will stay with a volunteer for up to 5 years after service.Norm was one of the members of the Capital Area who drew me into the organization along with his sidekick the late Fred Blase and Norm has been a mentor, friend and ardent supporter ever since.I often sought guidance and historical perspective from Norm because of his long tenured participation.Furthermore data from states with VFBL coverage, such as Pennsylvania, showed that more than half the claims are denied as insurers aggressively challenged these claims.

Thus, the New York State Assembly and Senate worked with the fire service and the localities to craft a bill which would provide extensive coverage but meet the threshold cost needs of the localities. What are the benefits provided under the legislation? There are three separate benefits, which are independent of each other: These benefits will not be subject to New York State income tax. Is this benefit available to all volunteer firefighters? A volunteer firefighter will be eligible for the enhanced cancer disability benefit if the following three criteria are met: Q.

After 5 years the volunteer has the option of keeping coverage by paying the premiums associated with the disability insurance.

Again, this mirrors the career disability benefits as they are able to keep their benefits for 2 years after they disengage from service. Do I have to prove that I got cancer from firefighting? There is no requirement that a volunteer prove he was in contact with a specific carcinogen.

Put a star on your calendar that this year’s Fire Service Alliance Legislative Day is May 15th.

We hope to see you at the State Capital that day!!!

As we move into 2018 we just want to inform everyone that since we have appointed a new Secretary for the Association we have a new mailing address.