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It typically costs the government $16,000 a year to treat a patient, Gouya said.

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"Everybody has a very bad attitude toward this disease," said Mahboobeh Zeinali, an HIV-positive woman living in Tehran."They even think if they wash their hand where I do they can be infected, but they can't." According to government estimates, 66,000 people out of Iran's 80 million people have HIV, though about 30,000 of them have no idea they have the virus.Iranian authorities blame that on how little general knowledge many have about the virus.Members of parliament have discussed the issue before, along with other "social problems," according to Iranian media reports.Today, Iran's government treats some 10,000 people either infected with HIV or those with already developed AIDS, which weakens the immune system and gradually destroys the body's ability to fight infections and certain cancers.I can say this stigma and discrimination is the biggest problem they are facing." Khosro Mansourian, who leads the Reviving Values aid group, said sex education and better understanding can help solve that.

"Sex education should start from the kindergarten age," he said.

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"Most women here are in charge of their families, and unfortunately finding a job for them is very difficult," said Najimeh Babagol, a psychologist who works with HIV-positive women.

"Many of them get rejected went they reveal (they are HIV positive) at work.

What's more, authorities say many have no idea that they are infected.