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Thanks are also due to a kind Providence for enabling the author before liia d^ath to c mplete.

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But if any of your substantial merchants, or some other Synod, could be prevailed upon to contribute toward the building of a Scots' Church, ah, how acceptable it would be to us, how serviceable it would be to religion and our interests in this place.* Among the members of the congregation were Patrick Macknight, Dr. A heavy debt, however, rested on the congregation after the building was finished, and Mr. Mombert calls this the oldest Presbyterian Church ia Lancaster Co. Anderson arrived at Donegal (in 1727) he pur- cliased for £70 the plantation of Peter Allen, whfch he traded in 1728 to William Wilkins§ (son of Robert) for a farm of over • The dntes of tho oroction of the Church at Donegnl, nhove noterl, hnvo been p;iv('n by Siimnel Evans, Esq., but aro questioned by Dr. side of the river which for several generations bore his family name, and became famous in Provincial times. SCENDANTS— THE ANN «TEUAli T Br NAlil LRANOII Dumpliu Uiill, to Oj Nvliicli passed, Apr. Mc Nair, after her financial misfortunes^ and the loss of her husband, moved to Louisville, Ky. t She was buried in the \Vestern Cemetery, and a monument was erected to her memory. Dunning Mc Nair and his wife Ann Steuart were as follows: — 1. They com;]i uiisod on JIarietta a combinatic D, so said, of the Christian names of their wives ;" but I have not been able to confirm this tradition, X They were willing to pay taxes but not quit rents, § Rupp's Dauphin Co., p. II , Samuel Evans, Esq., Letter of February 27, 1894. JAMES ANDERSON 35 Presbytery or Synod ; and his efforts to ostablisli Prcsbyteri- anism in the colonies were indefatigable. The earliest is dated New Castle, August, 171 C, ar. Asa preacher ho is said to have been " graceful and popular," '* orthodox and godly; " as a man, talented, learned mid pious; and as an ecclesiastic, prudent, vigilant, and influential — a leader among men. JAMES ANDERSON ■ 37 iifliliated with tlio Tenneut side, Avlien lie preached at Fagg's ? It is said that, none were Redomptionists, that is persons who paid for their passage to America by service afterwards. A beautiful spot three miles from Marietta, and about the same, distance from Mt. Anderson's half was first called New Haven ; the other, Waterford. Ho was also present as a member of the Synod at its first meeting, September 1 7, 1717; and when Donegal Presbytery was formfd at Donegal, October 11, 1732, ho was one of the fo;;r ministers present. __ Igg 205 Sti M^r AKY (i K ^HE John Si koart Branch ... It is said^^ that he met Whitefiold, who * Records, pp. 45 — 6H XII-Jean Stuart 5"^, 54 XIII— John Stuart 54-58 PART II Biography of Col.

Thomas Harkis 86— 105 VI-Jo HN Mc Kl NNEY 106 — 108 VII— Mary Mc Ki NNKY 1C8-111 PART IV Biography of Margaret Harris li2— 116 PART V Descendants of Col. John Stkuarf and his wipe 119 — 136 Children 136— 20i 136 1.

They were an energetic, liberty-loving, religious people, strongly attached to tho Presbyterian faith ; and all possessed some worldly means. t Tliis name ia variously ppolled Nicholl, Nichols, and Nicoll. Throughout his whole ministry he was an active and prominent member of the church courts to which he belonged, whether * Pennsylvania Genealogies, first edition, pp. t Samuel Evans, Esq., who says : " Anderson owned from the ferry to Elbow Lane; Cook from that to a parallel near the school-house. Of those named to constitute the Presbytery of New Castle, he stands at the head.

They served the church mora or less regularly from 1721 to 1724, and in 1725 " Donegal " obtained one-sixth of Mr. Anderson was the first installed pastor.' " * Donegal Township was the centre of a large Scotch-Irish settlement — immigrants from the north of Ireland, particularly County Donegal, whence the new settlement finally derived its name. People often delayed tnkinor out a patent for years after they settled on .a place. Anderson disliked the contention and, in order to secure a settlement, frequently visited James Logan or the Land Commissioners ; and much good was done by his efforts. Anderson's in Quence and reputation wero by no means confined to the locality in which he was settled. Anderson was pastor at New Uasiie, tno Presbytery of Philadelphia resolved (September 21, 171G) to divide itself into three Presbyteries and organize a Svnod.

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This plan, he believes, b^th in its ret-osp3't an I in its prospjct, cnupre- heads more matters of interest to present and future readers among the people soeoially conoenio 1 than any other which lie could have devised.

J' -, • ■■ MARGARET HARRIS: THEIR ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS WITH APPENDIXES OF RELATED FAMILIES PORTRAITS AND ILLUSTK'ATIONS A GENEALOGICAL HISTORY BY ROBERT STEWART D. eds, wills, and otli'^r doniments, copie' monumental N^ inscriptio IS, relucol ro writing ve"hal s -ite-n 'Uts of old people, \ searched court recor Is, visit'^d places of g 'uoalogical interest, culled printed newspapers and hooks for item-i throwing light upon fiimily history, corresponded with people in many parts of America and Europe whii th^ d-^mmls of more important work or prejudicing the claims of near relatives.