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The presentation of this interesting ruin to the Go\'- ernment is important and it is to be hoped that it will later be excavated and repaired and thus present an additional attraction to tourists and an important aid to the archeologist in the interpretation of this type of southwestern ruin. Important discoveries have been made in the aboriginal workshops and village sites at Round Rock and near Austin, where fine flint implements are very abundant.In May the chief visited Austin, Tex., and inaugurated work on the antiqjjities of that State, the archeology of which has been neglected. The work will be continued into the timbered region of eastern Texas, where we find pottery related to that of Louisiana and Arkansas and evidences of a radically different prehistoric culture from that of central Texas. James Mooney, ethnologist, at the beginning of the fiscal year was at his former field of labor among the Kiowa and associated tribes of western Oklahoma, where several months were devoted to the collection and revision of material and observations of ceremonies among the Kiowa, Comanche, Kiowa Apache, Cheyenne, Arapaho.

The remnants of languages once spoken by large populations have dwindled to survivals spoken by one or more centena- rians, and when they die these tongues, if not recorded, will be lost forever. T FORTIETH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE BUREAU OF AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY TO THE SECRETARY OF THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION 1918-1919 WASHINGTON GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE 1925 U-l J-Cf^ .0^ adequate record the many survivals before they disappear forever.Such a fate nearly happened with an Indian tongue in Ca Ufornia last j^ear on account of a contagious dis- ease, but fortunately, through the field work of one of our staff, it was rescued before its extinction. The continued study of the material culture of the Indians has a practical economic value.3 yons in southwestern Colorado, extending his studies west- ward into southeastern Utah as far as Montezuma Canyon.The object was to determine the western horizon of the area of the pure type of pueblos and cliff dwellings, and to investigate the remains of antecedent peoples from which it sprung in order to obtain data bearing on the question of the origin of the San Juan drainage culture.All the data assembled indicate that they antedated the fine horizontal masonry of the pueblos and cliff dwellings.

While in the field the chief carried on a correspondence with Mr.

Another instructive line of work the past year relates to the history of the Indians l^oth before and after the advent of the Europeans.

Such studies tend to a broader appre- ciation of racial character and have special value when we reflect how rapidly the Indian population is merging into American life.

It needs no prophet to predict that the future will demand an extension of the bureau work to other races.

The calls for ethnological information on the Indian during the past year have been many and varied and considerable time of the ethnologists has been taken up in answering the many requests of this nature that are made.

One of the discoveries made was the recognition that the buildings on Mc Elmo Bluff had a crude masonry character- ized by stones set on edge, the walls being made of adobe and logs.