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The original Austrian strategy was to capture Trier and to use their position on the west bank to strike at each of the French armies in turn.Reconsidering the situation, the Aulic Council gave Archduke Charles command over both Austrian armies and ordered him to hold his ground.

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At Kehl and the city of Strasbourg lay a complex of bridges, gates, fortifications and barrage dams.In Singles kehl succeeded his brother Joseph as emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and bythe danger surrounding his sister, Marie Antoinettesingles kehl her singles kehl, alarmed him.He and his singles kehl monarchs threatened ambiguous, but serious, consequences if singles kehl should happen to the royal family.The Rhine makes a wide, northerly turn, in what is called the Rhine kneeand enters the so-called Rhine ditch Rheingrabenpart of a rift valley bordered by the Black Forest on the east and Vosges Mountains on the west.At both far edges of the flood plain, especially on the eastern side, the old mountains created dark shadows on the horizon.The Achduke wanted to secure the Rhine crossings so he could send troops to northern Italy to relieve Dagobert Sigmund von Wurmser at besieged Mantua ; an armistice with Moreau would allow him to do that.

These tied his army to the Rhine for most of the winter.

The campaign of singles kehl part of the larger, broader French Revolutionary Wars in which republican France pitted itself against a fluid coalition of Prussians and Austrians and several other states of the Holy Roman Empirethe British, Sardinians Singles kehl, and royalist French emigres.

Although initially the republican French experienced several victories, the campaigns of through had been less successful.

Some states included non-contiguous pieces: Through the organization of imperial circles called Treffen frauen deutschland in ukrainischegroups of states consolidated resources and promoted regional and organizational interests, including economic cooperation and military protection.

At Strasbourg, a once imperial city, and Kehl, the German village across the river from it, the first permanent bridge had been erected in The principal fortresses lay on the west side French side of the Rhine; the bridgeheads and the smaller fortifications surrounding those lay the west side; these protected the various bridges, barrages and viaducts connecting the east and west sides of the river.

However, the Coalition partners had difficulty coordinating their war aims, and their own efforts also faltered.