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You can always go Uber but I personally don’t agree with their ethics, so I stick with hailing a Black Cab on the street or using Hailo to flag one down with my phone.Jobs As a general rule for office based jobs it is a good idea to register with two or more recruitment companies, and then bug them to death (they will forget about you).

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Apps Having a smart phone will basically save your life in London.Again you can use your contactless debit card (if you got your bank account sorted) instead of an Oyster, just make sure you tap in and out with the same card.Bike: You can hire a Boris Bike all over London, you then just return it to another convenient docking station. Here is a video of a few naked girls having an orgasm during a massage.The subjects of multiple real orgasms dominate this video.The only way around this is by pre-booking with a mini-cab company (pre-booking could mean 5min before you are ready to leave).

I always use Kabbee because it compares all the nearby mini-cab companies and gives you a rating for them.

But make sure to check here for the latest prices: TFL Prices.

Tube: Less scary and confusing then you think, after all if you get on the wrong train you just get off at the next stop and start again. more expensive if you cross over zones) and if you are under 26 you can get discounts by using a Young Persons Rail Card.

The main apps to download as soon as you get here (you may need to switch to the UK version of the App Store first) are: Transport I didn’t know if I should include this or not,it all seems so obvious when you have been here for more than a week.

Then I remembered my panic the first time I caught a bus and well.. Bus: You swipe your Oyster when you board but not when you leave (you just push the bell and get off).

YOU CAN’T USE CASH you either have to have an Oyster card or a contactless debit/credit card.