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(26) Since the impact of computers and the Internet is so vast, it is nearly impossible to address all the specific opportunities and concerns that these technologies bring.

Second, the Internet has opened up new means of instant communication with the advent of email and chat rooms.In doing this, this article will address two issues.First, this work will survey how Americans in general and Christians in particular are using computers and the Internet.From nearly any location, including home, people can communicate with others almost anywhere in the world with little cost.By typing in an email address and hitting the send button, messages can be sent without the hassle of handwriting a letter, licking stamps and finding a mailbox.Nevertheless, the major benefits these technologies offer can be summarized in the categories of information and communication.

First, the Internet offers easy and quick access to enormous amounts of information. Demy states, "Staggering amounts of information are available to anyone with a phone line and a personal computer." (4) Those doing research on the Internet can tap into important documents, photos, online encyclopedias, and other educational and reference materials.

Emails already outnumber physical mail now aptly called "snail mail." These technological opportunities have not been lost on Americans. (5) The most universal value of the Internet among Americans, according to Barna, is finding information.

Other common uses include maintaining existing relationships, buying products, and previewing new media.

(24) What did Religious Surfers do online in their most recent Internet session?

They (1) found educational or devotional materials (40%); (2) found general information about a religious faith or tradition (29%); and (3) communicated with people in their church (11%).

"While the world embraced the introduction of the PC, Christians and churches were fearful, and viewed this electronic tool as a personality with a dark soul," he says.