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Key experiments will be shown in the course or in the laser labs of the Physics Department. As an additional project a nitrogen laser will be build as part of the exercises. Although the course will introduce the students to some of the present research topics, a basic background knowledge of the topics given above will be sufficient to follow the course. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK, 2nd ed., 2003- A. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK, 2001 Zu den "klassischen" Tugenden eines Experimentalphysikers gehrt, diejenigen Experimentiergerte selbst zu bauen, die er bentigt und anders nicht bekommen kann. Hint: Early birds can already contact the organizers during the lecture free time and select one topic. Starting with this material the active participants of the seminar will familiarize themselves with the content. Leipner, Springer, 1999- Werkstoffeigenschaften und Mikrostruktur, F. Vogler, Hanser Studien Bcher, Mnchen 1989- Physikalische Metallkunde, Peter Haasen, Springer 1974- Crystals, Defects and Microstructures - Modeling Across Scales, Rob Phillips, Cambridge University Press 2001- Festkrperphysik, Bergmann-Schfer Fehlstellen spielen in fast allen Bereichen der Festkrperphysik und der Materialwissenschaften eine entscheidende Rolle. Kramer, Characterization of Materials, Vol2a in: Materials Science and Technology, VCH Verlagsgesellschaft, Weinheim (1992)J. Eberhart, Structural and Chemical Analysis of Materials, John Wiley and Sons, Chichester (1991)Further and specialised literature will be given according to the seminar topics.- time series: chaotic model systems, noise, autoregressive processes, real world data- generating time series: recursive methods, integration of ODEs- statistical properties of time series: higher order moments, autocorrelation function, power spectra, corsscorrelation function- state-space reconstruction (Takens theorem)- characterizing measures: dimensions, Lyapunov-exponents, entropies, testing determinism (basic algorithms, influencing factors, correction schemes)- testing nonlinearity: making surrogates, null hypothesis tests, Monte-Carlo simulation- nonlinear noise reduction- measuring synchronisation and interdependencies- H. In diesem Seminar werden von der Warte eines Physikers (wenn moeglich auch von Geologen, Atmosphaerenphysiker, Metereologen,..) die verschiedenen Energiemoeglichkeiten fuer unsere Gesellschaft in Deutschland und der Welt analysiert.

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