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Updating old outlets

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Oh and for anyone looking to sell, this is one of those things that’s pretty straightforward and inexpensive but is actually good for resale (it makes the whole room feel updated and even more crisp when it’s combined with fresh paint on the walls). So just as it’s sun-filled during the day, it’s pitch dark at night.

Electrical components, such as outlets, light switches and home-automation controls are something of a necessary evil--they interrupt expanses of perfect plaster and decorative wall treatments but are required for everyday functionality.It was quickly apparent that this colorful mess of wires didn’t match up with the simple black and white wires that the light kit came with.Convinced I had purchased the wrong kind of light kit, I returned it to the store and brought a picture of my wire situation to show the lighting lady at the store in hopes that she could point me in the direction of a kit that worked for my fan.And the task of replacing them is pretty straightforward too.Maybe a bit tedious, but certainly not backbreaking.Because there are no screws, a special removal tool allows components to be extracted for maintenance or replacement in the future.

See more: The Newest Smart-Home Innovations We Want Now Similar to Bocci, California-based Trufig produces a system based on a special electrical box that gets built into the wall with drywall tape and joint compound during construction.

…and connect the black and white wires on the kit to the two corresponding wires in the fan.

I just had missed them because they were wrapped up in a plastic bag which, had I looked more closely, was labeled “for light.” Duh. I pulled the chain a few times to make sure it had switched on. I disconnected and reconnected the wires a couple of times. After some Googling I found a few other things to try.

While our sunroom mojo was still running on high from accomplishing our most daring painting task to date, I quickly followed up with two small electrical updates to the room.

The first is seemingly minor, but to us makes a world of difference in making a room feel new: updating outlets.

A collection of components that can be snapped into a mounting plate that gets skim-coated into the wall during construction, it does away with wallplates entirely.