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Weather gadget not updating

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This gadget uses Svend Tofte's excellent format Date Java Script code to do the date and time formatting.Special thanks to Svend for releasing his useful code to the public domain.

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It is pretty easy; I will send you a file of words to translate.When I first installed Vista, I used the default clock and date widgets that Microsoft has provided.However, they consume too much screen real estate for my tastes.In addition to offering a completely customizable date and time format (using the same format as PHP's date function) it also supports an optional time zone offset and time zone label.By simply dragging multiple copies of the clock to your sidebar, you can have two or more time zones displayed simultaneously. The following characters are supported differently than what is documented on the PHP date function web site: Any of the time and date format codes can be used in either the "Date format" or "Time format" fields.When you enable it, the system automatically begins recording all of the networks during the three hours of prime time so that you can stream that to any room in addition to streaming up to three separate HD streams. And, none of the Prime Time recording counts against or uses up any of the 2 terabytes of hard drive space which is included in the Hopper. Well, only if you're a senior level DISH technician...

We like the interface - which is basically an extension of what DISH came up with for the Vi P 922. Another thing we liked about the new Hopper was the Seek & Record function.

My biggest complaint was that it didn't display the date unless you hovered the cursor over the time or made the start bar super wide.

So I found a shareware program called TClock Ex that installs a customizable clock in the lower right hand corner.

Please scroll down to the Frequently Asked Questions first and check if there's already an answer to your question.

If you still need help, please fill out the bug submission form. You can use and copy it as much as you like, but you are encouraged to help the less fortunate of the world through a donation to UNICEF.

It also uses the pytz package to compute the time zone offsets for all of the cities for both standard and daylight time.